Welcome to our transformative gatherings! Before diving into any of our sessions or events, please take a moment to review these guiding principles:

  1. Keep an Open Heart ♥ Approach each meditation, group session, or one-on-one appointment with openness, aiming for personal growth and peace.
  2. Trust Yourself ♥ Follow your instincts and intuition. Everyone's journey is unique; honor your inner guidance.
  3. Focus on Your Heart ♥ Your heart is your guide to deeper consciousness. If you feel overwhelmed, place your hands on your heart to find calm.
  4. Respect Your Boundaries ♥ Your comfort and well-being matter. Always honor your personal boundaries, as well as those of others.
  5. Embrace Possibilities ♥ See yourself as limitless with endless potential.
  6. Find Quiet Space ♥ To get the most from our meditations, group sessions, or one-on-one appointments, ensure you're in a quiet, distraction-free environment.
  7. Prioritize Mental Wellness ♥ If you're feeling mentally unstable, consider if it's the right time to join a session / event. Be honest with yourself; your well-being comes first.
  8. Practice Gratitude ♥ Take time daily to appreciate life; it's a powerful practice.
  9. Take Ownership ♥ Acknowledge your emotions and thoughts. You're responsible for your inner world.
  10. Mirrored Reflections ♥ If you see aspects of yourself mirrored by others in the group, view it as an opportunity for inner growth. It's not about the other person; it's a signal that lower vibrations can be harmonized into Love from your energy field.
  11. Respect the Space ♥ Our meditations, group sessions, and one-on-one appointments are safe and sacred spaces. Please respect the environment we create together.
  12. Maintain Confidentiality ♥ What's shared here stays here, fostering trust and respect.
  13. Mutual Respect ♥ Value privacy and honor the space we share as a community.
  14. Care for Your Body ♥ Stay hydrated, eat well, connect with nature, and move your body for physical well-being during your journey.
  15. Health Responsibility ♥ Your health is your responsibility. Seek professional advice for medical concerns.
  16. No Guarantees ♥ We share from inspiration, not promises or guarantees.
  17. Trust Yourself ♥ Your inner guidance is your best compass.
  18. Be Safe ♥ Do not engage in activation, transmissions, or meditations while operating heavy machinery, driving, cooking, swimming, or participating in activities requiring your full attention.

Thank you for embracing these guidelines as we journey together towards growth and consciousness!